Request for re-acquisition of the Lebanese Citizenship for individuals who are of Lebanese descent

The Lebanese pertinent authorities, pursuant to Law # 41 “Reacquiring the Lebanese Citizenship” dated November 24, 2015, has started taking applications from members of the Lebanese diaspora to reacquire the Lebanese citizenship. The said Law stipulates that applications should be submitted before November 25, 2025.
Applications will be considered by a committee within the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities of Lebanon. Applicants can appeal the decisions of the said committee within a month from the time they are legally notified of such decisions at the address they specified in their applications.
Persons eligible to apply should have their names or the names of their paternal ancestors, or male relatives on their father’s side, listed on the records of the census of 1921 – 1924, either residents or immigrants registers, and/or the records of the census of 1932, immigrants registers, available at the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities.
To benefit from the provisions of the above-mentioned law:

    1. Once your eligibility is confirmed, follow the link that will be sent to you in an email to fill up the reacquiring citizenship application.
    2. Submit your reacquiring citizenship application.

طلب إستعادة الجنسيّة اللبنانيّة

.أطلقت وزارة الخارجية والمغتربين موقعاً الكترونياً بعدة لغات منها العربية والفرنسية والإنكليزية ووضعته بتصرف المنتشرين اللبنانيين والمتحدرين من اصل لبناني بعنوان
يتضمن الموقع كافة المعلومات الضرورية عن كيفية استفادتهم من أحكام قانون استعادة الجنسية اللبنانية رقم 41 تاريخ 25/11/2015، ومعرفة معلومات اضافية عن أصولهم اللبنانية
:يتم تقديم طلبات استعادة الجنسية كالتالي
.تعبئة الإستمارة الالكترونية متضمنة المعلومات المتوفرة لديه عن أصوله اللبنانية
بعد قبول الإستمارة الالكترونية على الموقع المذكور اعلاه من قبل الوزارة، يقوم صاحب العلاقة باستكمال تعبئة وتوقيع وإرسال طلب استعادة الجنسية اللبنانية وإرفاق المستندات والوثائق الرسمية الصادرة عن الادارة اللبنانية أو السلطات المحلية في البلد الذي يحمل جنسيته والمتعلقة به وبأولاده أو بأحد  أصوله الذكور أو الأقرباء الذكور لأبيه

Request of Citizenship by Marriage

Required Documents

  1. A recent family extract of civil status (اخراج قيد عائلي) showing that the marriage has been registered in the Lebanese civil registry for more than a year.
  2. A copy of the wife’s passport valid for more than one year with the husband’s last name added on it.
  3. The wife’s birth certificate (translated to Arabic in case it is neither in English nor in French).
  4. The Lebanese or American marriage certificate if available. (You need to make sure that the wife’s PLACE OF BIRTH is the same on her Birth certificate, Marriage certificate and Passport).
  5. The husband’s Lebanese passport if available.
  6. A certificate of cohabitation issued by an official/ or religious authority.
  7. An Affidavit from the applicant stating that neither she nor her father is Lebanese.
  8. A prepaid (registered) self-addressed envelope.
  9. Citizenship Application Form

Renunciation of Lebanese Citizenship

Required Documents

  1. Sign a written request stating your demand to renounce the Lebanese citizenship at the Honorary Consulate.
  2. The original Lebanese Passport with two copies of pages 1 to 6.
  3. A letter from the U.S. authorities stating the reason of the request of renunciation of the applicant’s Lebanese citizenship.
  4. A stamped and certified self-addressed return envelope.
  5. Full address and telephone number.
  6. A Money order in the amount specified below by one money order payable to the Honorary Consulate of Lebanon In Las Vegas.

N.B.: In case of Renunciation of the Lebanese Nationality by decree signed by H.E. the President of Lebanon, the only way to recover the Lebanese Nationality of Origin will be by residing for good in Lebanon.