The Consulate was established in 2019 following the appointment of Philippe Ziade as Honorary Consul of Lebanon in Nevada. The Consulate’s jurisdiction is the entire area of the US state of Nevada. The mission of the Consulate is to assist Lebanese expatriates within its jurisdiction, provide consular services such as the issuance and renewal of passports, and to establish, maintain, and strengthen the relationship between Lebanon and the United States of America.

Lebanon is an ancient entity that predates the creation of the modern Republic; its history spans for millennia, and it played, since the earliest antiquity, a vital role in connecting the Orient with the Western World. As a meeting point of cultures and civilizations, Lebanon attracted its share of attention from various powers, particularly the benevolent presence and perpetual assistance of the United States of America. The US and Lebanon maintain a special friendship and working cooperation, that was sustained even in the most challenging times.

Lebanon and its people look up to the US as an exemplary and leading nation that heralds democracy, free speech, and wise governance. Our countries retain persistent mutual cooperation, particularly in the domains of economic relations, cultural and educational exchanges, and military support. 

The Consul and our staff will do our best to provide timely and excellent consular services, and to advance fruitful mutual exchanges between the US and the Nevada local authorities, and the Republic of Lebanon. Do not hesitate to contact us for your inquiries.

Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.

Meet The Consul

Philippe Ziade is the Honorary Consul of Lebanon in Nevada since 2019, and an accomplished entrepreneur with an ardent zeal for everything Lebanese. Mr. Ziade is actively engaged in expat affairs, Lebanese youth empowerment, and is at the helm of a multimillion dollar conglomerate of cross-industry companies. Through his connections, Consul Ziade has brought together dozens of mutually advantageous business collaborations that empower the Lebanese diaspora, strengthen US-Lebanon relations, and serve as a connection with the Lebanese homeland.